Asphalt Repairs & Resurfacing

Not every driveway or parking lot needs to completely rebuilt from the sub-base on up. If the existing asphalt is still structurally sound, the homeowner or buiness can choose to have the area overlayed with a new layer of asphalt. Resurfacing your driveway or parking lot is a great way to boost curb appeal without investing a lot of money.

Protective Coatings

Our protective coatings are waterbase and clean up with no harsh chemicals. This heavy duty sealer is specifically designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavements. Protects form weather, water, salts, gas, oil, and other petrochemicals.

Catch Basin Repairs

Is your catch basin sinking or sitting too high? Or sitting uneven or is there a hole next to it? We can fix it! Catch basins are made out of concrete and installed and raised to proper elevations by adding cement square spacers which makes it easy to fix down the road which we call a standard catch basin. But not all catch basins are built installed equal. In the early days they used mostly bricks and cement. We call these old fashioned basins.

Crack Repair and Chasing

Cracks allow water penetration beneath the pavement surface, which can erode the base of your parking lot and increase winter freeze and thaw movement. All cracks are routed, blown free of all debris and overband sealed using hot applied rubberized crazk and joint sealant that meets provincial highway specifications.

Recaps and Cut Outs

Recaps is installing asphalt over top of existing old or tired driveways and parking lots. Cut outs are an easy and effective way to repair small or large patches of damaged asphalt. This method is cost effective with a nice visual effective.

Brushed On Sealer

Our sealers are brushed on to ensure an even protective coat that will keep your driveway or parking lot looking good for years to come.

Double Coats

Our sealer is brushed on twice, two coats to ensure a heavy duty coat for extra traffix areas, such as parking lots, and walkways.

Line Painting

We specialize in parking lots, parking lines as well as no parking areas and disabled parking spots. Your choice of colour to ensure visibility.

Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping is a necessity to have done after winter. Dirt and gravel is all over most of our parking lots. Parking lot sweeping also presents a clean and respectable image to visitors and clientele of your business, keeping safety in mind.

Chimney Repair

We are offering our services as a fully certified masonry contractor to repair, install, and restore various masonry surfaces. Repointing of chimneys for cosmetic or structural reasons.

Foundation Repair and Staining

Protect and extend the lifespan of concrete in your infrastructure by having them inspected and serviced by experienced professionals. Our wide variety of materials and colours lets us cater to various needs and applications with excellent results

Clear Coat for Stamp Concrete

Stamped concrete patios and driveways are decorative surfaces that have become popular in the last 10 years or so. These surfaces utilize patterns and different colours to create a dramatic look to your landscaping. As with any exterior concrete surface, stamped patios need to be maintained on a consistent basis to protect against colour loss and discoloration, pitting of the surface, hairline cracks, and exposure to stains from spills.

All Types of Cement Repairs

Patch, repair, or resurface holes or cracks in flat concrete using hot or cold rubber. Epoxy or hybrid polymer coating applied to concrete floors. Fix cracks, leaks, remove stains, seal outside of foundation.

Roofing of All Types

When wind, rain or ice damage your shingled roof, you may or may not need an entirely new roof. We specialize in repair work that can not only solve the immediate problem but significantly extend the life of your roof. Choose between many colours and many types of 20-35 year shingles.

Flat Roofs

We specialize in the installation of flat roof systems, re-roofing or leak repair, including residential homes. Remember your flat roof is an expensive investment in your building. Call us for inspections and maintenance of your roof and save yourself a good deal of money in the future.

Soffit, Fascia and Eavestrough

Eliminate maintenance by installing new aluminum soffits, fascia and eavestroughs. Available in a wide range of colours, these products add vaule and character to a home.

Skidder Rentals

We rent out skidders. Please call for pricing